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In 2015, the band fanfare Pourpour celebrated its twenty years with the release of its fifth album, LA POURPOUR
The fanfare Pourpour is a large family of 19 musicians who frequent for the joy of playing together with this will, since its inception, to offer free music, bold and rallying . Trumpets , saxophones, clarinets, guitars, banjo, accordions, violins, percussion, euphonium, tuba, musical saw and vocals form the pedigree of this great orchestra with its exuberant spontaneity and contagious enthusiasm.
"The Pop of the last century in full force (...) , the new album from the band Pourpour : a me lodic cd, lyrical, joyful, dense, cinematographic, full of contrasts, with its zany time s, theatrical and even gently free" —Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, 22 septembre 2015
" The fifth cd of the fanfare Pourpour, a true party with 19 musicians (...) A big outstan ding band in constant evolution." -Francine Grimaldi, Samedi et Rien d'Autres, Ici Radio Canada Première, Montréal 2015
Nine of its members were part of the loose collective L'Enfant Fort (1975), which used to parade its trumpets and drums in the streets of Montreal on Saturday afternoons; of the Pouet Pouet Band (1978), an orchestra that merged cabaret and theatre to its original compositions and "from which emanates a taste of black coffee that whips up the central nervous system" (Jean-Robert Sansfaçon / Le Temps Fou) and Montréal Transport Limité (1981), an underground cabaret. Then, as they say, we all went our separate ways… And in the summer of 1995, simply for the pleasure of playing together again, the Fanfare Pourpour came to life. Through the years, the Fanfare has been nourished by the arrival of young talents and by musicians from the Montréal jazz and new music scenes. They play an original form of music, both sad and happy, where happiness, disorderliness and poetry live in harmony. Evidenced by his five albums released on her independent label "monsieur fauteux m'entendez-vous?" La Pourpour (2015), Danse des breloques (2010), Karusell Musik (2007), Le bal (2004), Tout le monde (1999), and his many performances given in Quebec and abroad (France, Sweden, Mexico, Ireland).
« Sound quality is superb. Time to take out whatever moves you and boogie along with Fanfare Pourpour's freewheeling musical spirit. » — Tiina Kii,The WholeNote (Canada), 2011
«Fanfare Pourpour […] celebrates their love for accessible dance tunes coming from a diversity of traditions.» — Dolf Mulder, Vital #746 (Pays-Bas), 2010  
«As each new number queues up, a different kind of smile crosses your face.» — Stephen Fruitman, Sonomu (RU), 2010
«it's imbued with the indomitable spirit of the 1945 resistance film Les enfants du paradis.» — Juan Rodriguez, The Gazette, Québec, 2004
« So enthralled was the audience they even managed to coax a few reserved Upper-Canadian couples onto the floor to waltz. Magnifique! » — Peter Meisenheimer, Guelph Mercury, 2002 au Guelph Jazz Festival
« The most enjoyful music I've heard in a long time. » — Georges Harrison, 2000