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Luzio Altobelli
Luzio Altobelli
At eight years of age, Luzio received his first accordion and he was psyched! Four years later, he plays percussion, contributes to the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal and comes back to his first love. He has since been part of Sagapool, Débarras, Ironico Orkestra, Fiszarmonia and evidently in the Pourpour, all in great joy. Studio, compositions, classical, world or rock, he also loves teaching music at his house wearing slippers while his own children are napping. He also adores animal documentaries. 
Lou Babin
Lou Babin
Accordion, voice
At the theatre, she played for directors like Gilles Maheu in an international tour for Carbone 14, Brigitte Haentjens, Lorraine Pintal, Dominique Champagne and Brigitte Poupart. At the cinema, she was a country singer in the movie Le Party by Pierre Falardeau. She was a dancer and accordionist in Gelsomina by the choreographer Élodie Lombardo (Les Soeurs Schmutt, 2006, 2007.) She toured in the United States for Cheval Théâtre by Gilles Ste-Croix. She often works with the pianist and composer Pierre St-Jak and the poet Michel X. Côté. She has been with the Pourpour since its beginnings.
Guido Del Fabbro
Guido Del Fabbro
Born in Montreal in 1980, Guido Del Fabbro started learning violin at four. He then refined his sound and composition skills by studying with Malcolm Goldstein. He is a member of the bands Rouge Ciel, Rodéoscopique and Ratchet Orchestra. In 2001-2002, he was a violonist for the North American tour of the equestrian circus Cheval Théâtre. He works regularly as a composer with the contemporary dance company Les Soeurs Schmutt for the shows like Gelsomina, Switch and Ganas de Vivir, among others. He accompanied dozens of poets and performers during six seasons of the Festival Voix d’Amériques. On albums, he collaborated as a musician or as an arranger with many artists including Philippe B, Magnolia, Tomás Jensen, Loco Locass, Beast, Mara Tremblay, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Jérôme Minière and Pierre Lapointe. With Lapointe, he can also be found onstage performing since 2004. As part of the Ensemble Super-Musique, he participated in the projects Filature by Joane Hétu and Une constellation de mutants. He has composed and performed with the Inuit poet Taqralik Partridge since 2007. Two of his solo projects came out on the label Ambiances Magnétique: Carré de sable (2003) and Agrégats (2007).
derome jean
Jean Derome
Alto and baritone, flute and piccolo
One of the most active and eclectic musicians on the Canadian creative music scene, Jean Derome is also one of the few that is recognized by a growing public. By his considerable projects in contemporary music, his work as an improviser, his jazz bands, and his work for movies, theatre and dance, Derome is a creative force to be reckoned with in Quebec and beyond. An experienced and innovative saxophonist and flutist, he is also a composer with a unique, recognizable touch. Cofounder of the label Ambiances Magnétiques, Derome has made appearances on more than 70 CDs during his thirty-year career. François Couture
Jacques Duguay
Jacques Duguay
Bass drum
Born in Montreal on Valentine’s Day, Jacques Duguay is a self-taught musician and an amateur of jazz. He has worked as stage manager, set designer, musician and comedian. He’s also toured with poets, musicians, painters and clowns in Europe and North America. He plays the big drum since his meeting with collective Mona Lisa Klaxon in 1979.
Roy Hubler
Roy Hubler
Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele
Training graphic designer, he touched the painting, worked in film and television, served as a photographer and writes extensively, notably in the Opinion newspaper Le Mouton NOIR, published a collection of short stories and a novel. He studied communications at UQAM and makes a degree at Cégep Maisonneuve in web programming. The Pourpour is his second family for now 20 years! Viva Pourpour!
Nicolas Letarte
Nicolas Letarte
Snare drum
Among the tricks up Nicolas Letarte’s sleeve, there is music, visual arts and computer science. A composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound-effects engineer, Letarte has added his touch to movie soundtracks, theatre, literature and dance for a quarter of a century. His principal instrument is the drums, but he also specializes in musical saw (acoustic and electric.) Music permitted him to travel around the world and to work with many great artists.
Stéphane Ménard
Stéphane Ménard
Tenor and baritone saxophones
Stéphane Ménard is a computer networks manager and a big fan of jazz.
Pierre Emmanuel Poizat
Poizat has been studying clarinet since he was 10 years old. He has drifted from classical music to rock, from sound editing to theatre and from sound effects to street shows. At his arrival in Quebec in 1999, he has joined singer-songwriter Tomàs Jensen (six albums produced and toured in Quebec and Europe.) In 2006, he produced the record Tout va bien by Labess. Poizat was also a dancer and a clarinettist in Gelsomina by the choreographer Élodie Lombardo (Les Soeurs Schmutt, 2006-2007.) He has played in the Fanfare Pourpour since 2001.
lu.jpg (3220 octets)
Luc Proulx
Luc Proulx is a self-taught musician, composer and actor. He has been a dancer in Un show western by Catherine Tardif, Cruising Paradise by Paula de Vasconcelos and Gelsomina by Élodie Lombardo. A member of Carbone 14 for seven years, Luc Proulx has worked with directors René-Richard Cyr, Brigitte Haentjens, Robert Gravel and Jean-Pierre Ronfard. He toured around the province of Quebec with the last play by Michel Tremblay, Les bonbons assortis. Proulx has played in many TV series such as Marguerite Volant, Ces enfant d’ailleurs, Histoire de famille and Providence. He was in the movies Le coeur au poing and Un homme et son péché by director Charles Binamé. He also acted in Le party and 15 février 1839 by Pierre Falardeau and Le bonheur est une chanson triste by François Delisle. He has been playing in Fanfare Pourpour for forever.
nemo.jpg (3457 octets)
Némo Venba
Starting with percussion instruments at two years old, guitar at seven, piano at nine and trumpet at twelve, Némo continues his musical training at Joseph-François Perreault High School and at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. An active multi-instrumentalist (percussions, drums, trumpet, accordion, voice) in contemporary and popular music, Nemo is invested in various musical functions. He plays for Tomàs Jensen and his band Les faux monnayeurs, for Rouge Ciel, Marie-Claude Lamoureux, J’tam, Raw Sugga and the Fanfare Pourpour. Having developed physical and theatrical skills through mime and dance, Némo has widened the nature of his stage appearances. He has been a dancer and musician for the choreographers Blouskaille, Olouèze and Gelsomina by Élodie Lombardo and for a dance collective in collaboration with Rouge Ciel. In 2015, he appeared in Filature by Joane Hétu (Ensemble SuperMusique) and in the event Treize Lunes (Danse-Cité). At the theatre, he acted in two plays by Hervé Blutsch directed by Michel Bérubé and presented at the Festival TransAmérique and at the Fadjr International Theatre Festival in Tehran, Iran. Nemo also bakes delicious cakes.
Claude Vendette
Saxophone, flute
He makes music with the band members Pourpour since 1978 (known then as the Pouet Pouet The Band). Musician and musical director with Richard Desjardins, Carbone 14, Cirque du Soleil, the circus and Eloise Horse Theatre. He is currently musical scout for Cirque du Soleil. In 2005 he founded the Jazz Sextet Vendette with which he plays his compositions.
Marie Soleil Bélanger
Marie-Soleil Bélanger
Marie-Soleil was a violonist for Richard Desjardins during his tour Kanasuta. She is a founding member of the band Mademoiselle s’amuse. She toured with Laurence Jalbert, Yves Desrosiers and Thomas Hellman. Her work can be heard on albums by Pierre Lapointe and Plume Latraverse as well as a personal project, Les salines, recorded in collaboration with Normand Guilbeault. She also produces a children’s show, Un violon sur l’épaule, as an actress and musician.
Pierre Tanguay
Pierre Tanguay
Mister Tinker
Pierre Tanguay- percussionist, composer and optimist tinkerer- is one of the most in-demand musicians on the Quebec scene. Since the beginning of the 80s, he participated to an impressive number of ensembles including Jean Derome et les Dangereux Zhoms, Évidence Castor et Compagnie, Trio Jean-François Groulx, L’ODD (orchestre de danse), Villemure ô Carré, Ensemble Pierre Cartier and Projet Riel. Amongst his close collaborators are Jean Derome, Normand Guilbeault, Pierre Langevin, René Lussier, Karen Young, Fred Frith, Michel Donato, Daniel Mille, André Duchesne and Antoine Berthiaume. Tanguay evolves freely in different genres: jazz, contemporary, medieval and traditional music. He is the cofounder of the groups Strada, Midi Tapant, Derome/Tanguay. He composed music for dance for Lucie Grégoire, Andrew de K. Harwood, Irène Stamou and Francine Gagné. He also composed for theatre and movies, working for directors like Roberto Ariganello and Allan Booth.
jean sabourin
Jean Sabourin
Bass trumpet, sousaphone
For the past 20 years on the international and local scene, he has worked as a sousaphonist in different ensembles such as TUYO, L’Orkestre des Pas Perdus, Le Dixieband and Asa Nisi Masa. He collaborated to the recordings of more than 20 records and participated in many musical shows for children. He also composes computer-assisted music that is sold online for promotional reasons. He is the very proud father of Léandre, born in 2001, and Nadège, who followed in 2003. He joined the Fanfare Pourpour at the Spring of 2006 playing sousaphone and bass trumpet, and confirms that the Fanfare Pourpour is the best band in the world!
Damian Nisenson
Damian Nisenson
alto, tenor, soprano and sopranino
Argentinian saxophonist, composer and comedian Damian Nisenson arrived in Montreal in 2004. He began his professional career in Switzerland, where he lived between 1977 and 1984. A versatile artist, he plays the whole saxophone family and all kinds of music. He directs his own ensembles, dedicated to the interpretation of music that merges together contemporary jazz, contemporary music and world music. His discography contains about 30 titles in a variety of genres: jazz, klezmer, improvised music, rock, tango, Hindu, African and Arabic music. Since 2006, he has been the artistic director of the specialized music label Malasartes music, distributed by DAME.
guillaume bourque
Guillaume Bourque
Guillaume studied at the Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Montréal, at McGill University and at Université de Montréal in classical clarinet. He is a founding member of many musical collectives including Sagapool, with which he won the record of the year at the Canada Folk Awards 2008, and the duo Ironico Orkestra, with which Guillaume recorded CDs and played in many festivals across Canada. In June 2005, he participated in the Workshop in Jazz & Creative music at the Banff Centre. In April 2007, he was part of the improvisation project Ad Hoc 2007, made up of six musicians of different provinces. Guillaume is a regular collaborator with various composers and directors including Robert Marcel Lepage, Charles Papasoff, Jean Derome, Guido Del Fabbro and Érik West-Millet for the recordings of various projects. Guillaume is part of the band Absinthe, an ensemble that mixes jazz and oriental music, and of the world jazz trio Bomata. La Fanfare Pourpour being the favourite band of his daughter Alice, Guillaume is very happy to be part of it.
Dany vague orange
Dany Nicolas
Born in Tadoussac, Dany began playing piano at eight years of age. At 12 years old, he picked up a guitar for the first time. He studied music at Cégep St-Laurent and at UQÀM. He is a member of the bands Sagapool, Apadoorai, Scherdanzo and the Trio l’Apothicaire. He has accompanied singers Lara and Jean-François Lessard and played with the band Kleztory. He writes music for documentaries and teaches guitar at the Conservatoire de musique de la Montérégie.
Alexis Dumais
Piano, Uprightbass
A native of Rimouski , he studied piano first in Rimouski Conservatory of Music, before pursuing jazz studies at Cégep St- Laurent and the University of Montreal. Member since the begining of Sagapool as a bassist and pianist, he is also the keyboardist of Loco Locass. He also accompanied among others on stage and / or disk artists such as Martin Leon, Catherine Major, Julie Hamelin, Marco Calliari, Jean -François Lessard, Polémil Bazar. We saw him at the theater in a production of Theatre de la Pire Espèce, Die Reise.
julie houle
Julie Houle
Tuba, Euphonium
Native of central Quebec, Julie Houle is a tuba player for almost twenty years, from academic classical cursus. She is also interpret-composer-arranger. Since 2007, she is dedicated to different styles ( gypsy brass band, pop, jazz, improvisation, etc. ) . In 2007 and 2013, she took private lessons with master tuba Michel Godard in France. She has worked with artists such as David Brunet, Marco Calliari, Keith Kouna, Gypsies of Sarajevo, Catherine Major, Fred Pellerin, Doriane Fabreg, Brigitte St -Aubin, the Fanfarniente Strada, Espace Forain. His recent project, DJU, offers instrumental music where tuba is put forward. Since October 2014, she is part of the beautiful fanfare Pourpour.
And friends who join us when it's possible
soeurs schmutt
Les Soeurs Schmutt
Séverine Lombardo and Elodie are twin choreographers and performers from France, located in Quebec since 1999. After training in dance at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), they decide to extend their natural alliance to create in 2004, the Schmutt Sisters, a contemporary dance company. Considering dance primarily as a vehicle of emotion, their concerns revolve around the human, caught in an inter relational system. This approach gives their works a sensitive and accessible character.
Christine Lajeunesse
Christine Lajeunesse
Basse à pistons
Christine Lajeunesse was born in Montreal right on time to see the first man walk on the Moon. She has been the artistic director at Éditions du Boréal since 2005, and plays music as a dilettante. She is a founding member of L’Enfant Fort, Les Fortrelles, the Pouet Pouet Band and the Fanfare Pourpour, four musical bands from the Plateau Mont-Royal that followed one another without copying each other. A self-taught artist, she generally prefers to create rather than clean the house. She loves playing music with all the great musicians in her orchestra, and also enjoys playing tennis.
Normand Guilbeault
Normand Guilbeault
Normand Guilbeault is a double bassist, and a composer-player of jazz and contemporary music. Ambitious projects were born from his exciting works of art, such as Hommage à Mingus, RIEL Plaidoyer Musical and Vision de Kerouac. He has been the instigator, programmer and organizer of L’OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal with musicians Pierre St-Jak, François Marcaurelle and Jean Vanasse. He was the musical director and a musician in the show Kanasuta by Richard Desjardins.
Mara Tremblay
The galloping violin, the triumphant mandolin
Radio enfant
Radio enfant
Michel Delorme is a friend of PourPour
photo à venir
Éric Bernard
Guitar, mandolin Éric Bernard has been playing music since he was born. In 2006, the Fanfare invited him to the recording of fanfare Pourpour/Lars Hollmer’s album. In the meantime, he studied and travelled with artists and circuses all around the world playing music. Guitarist, arranger, composer...that’s who he was, who he is and who he will keep on becoming.
cl.JPG (2744 octets)
Claude La Roche
Actor, Master of ceremonies, Directing
bg.jpg (3674 octets)
Bernard Grenon
Sound recording for shows and records
bp.jpg (2621 octets)
Bernard Poirier (1955 - 2010)
Composition, arrangements, multi-instrumentist, soundtracks
François Gourd
VIP, Véritable Idiot Professionnel
Premier Minus du Québec
Maître sans cérémonie
Lars Hollmer
Lars Hollmer (1948 - 2008)
Accordeon, voice
A founding member of the mythical Swedish group Samla Mammas Manna, the accordionist Lars Hollmer contributed to the reinvention of Scandinavian folklore in the 70s. A crazy group, SMM mixed traditional melodies and out-there creativity. The band participated to the movement Rock in Opposition (RIO) that reunited a few particularly audacious European bands like Henry Cow and Étron Fou Leloublanc and that laid the foundations of the first network of contemporary music in the world. Lars Hollmer cannot be classified, although he has been compared to Astor Piazzolla, Nino Rota, Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno and to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. He has played and recorded for more than 35 years in Europe, Japan and Quebec. His incomparable music was showered with praise everywhere he went. ‘‘The problem for critics is that Lars Hollmer’s music doesn’t fit anywhere. Qualifying it of ‘progressive rock’ is as productive as to compare The Beatles to a blues band or to describe Stockhausen as a silent film pianist. Let’s be clear: it is not traditional Swedish music! We have to go beyond shortcuts like these. Lars Hollmer doesn’t take shortcuts. The listening experience reveals images- religious songs in church, a frozen lake, a broken bicycle, child’s play, innocence, sadness. Like Astor Piazzolla, Lars Hollmer is a serious composer who uses popular music vocabulary to define his own vocabulary. Lars’s galloping mischief and contagious enthusiasm leaves room for the most eloquent expression of solitude. It’s quite something. Innocence, sadness, a broken bicycle. Can a composer really dream of more?’’ -Fred Frith
Pierre Crépô
Pierre was born with a camera in his hands (ouch!) We cannot count how many CD sleeves he has done for the artistic community here and abroad in his 35 year career. He took many pictures for our advertisement, our posters, our CDs and much more. He is also a lighting designer and often lights us... in show. He’s a glowing guy!